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Meeting of schools in Argentina and Uruguay for twinset experiences

Schools in Argentina and their peers in Uruguay work on solidarity educational projects using Community School Radio as their central tool. Teachers and students develop solidarity projects during the Covid-19 pandemic that affected and limited the school work during 2020.
This experience, called "gemelazgo [twinset]", intends to link experiences from diverse national or local backgrounds, enriching practices to outline, plan and develop SL projects and the exchange of resources for management, assessment and reflection betweensolidarity educational communities. Over the last few months, CLAYSS has coordinated and organized the meetings, thus promoting the exchange between teachers and students. The teachers Diego Manrique and Iris Borges have contributed with their effort to arrange a first zoom meetingwith all participants, which we hope will be the first one of many.
To watch the video of the meeting, please click here (in Spanish): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SMsoG0uYDI