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The I Global Symposium of the UNISERVITATE programme was held with participants from all over the world

Leading figures of SL and Catholic Higher Education attended this first Symposium. Panellists from 14 countries (Argentina, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Singapore, Chile, Kenya, USA, Italy, Australia, Russia, the Philippines and Belgium) contributed to the meeting organized by the UNISERVITATE Programme. There were conferences, exchange of experiences in the workshops, presentation of projects in pandemic and reflections on what will come and what we can build among all. The event was broadcast live on YouTube channel in three languages (English, Spanish and French) to reach a wider audience since there were registrations from 44 countries with different languages. The videos are available on CLAYSS and UNISERVITATE YouTube channels.
To watch the video summary of the meeting, please click here: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10158778102158416&id=160347218415
You can always access all the information on the website: https://www.uniservitate.org/es/simposio-global/