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Closing of the Programme "A brazos tendidos"

On 16 November, CLAYSS Uruguay participated in the closing event of the Programme "A brazos tendidos [Stretching Arms]", an initiative of the Innovation and Design and Workplace Literacy Departments of the Professional Technical Education Council (CETP) ofthe National Administrationof Public Education (ANEP) in Uruguay. Alejandro Gimelli (CLAYSS) was part of the closing event of this project, who contributed with his considerations of theexperience. Teachers from 10 technical higher middle-education institutions from across the country participated in the programme. They were also provided with training and support in the "Acompañamiento de proyectos de egreso [support of graduation projects]" from the Comprehensive Workplace Literacy Plan. This initiative aims at contributing to the teacher's workalong the regionwhile providing tools and methodologies adjusted to virtuality, which motivates and promotes bonding between students, educators and the community.
CLAYSS Uruguay, Montevideo Lab and AGENSIC (National Agency for e-Government and Information Society in Uruguay) supported the programme. On 10th September, CLAYSS Uruguay also participated in one of the online training days, where BA Alejandro Gimelli and BA Catalina Thölke provided a workshop for teachers. To access the video of the talk by CLAYSS Uruguay, on the Channel of the CETP Virtual Campus, visit:https://tinyurl.com/y53bgvpd


Virtual Classroom Education Course - MEC

In November, the online course "Propuesta Pedagógica del AYSS [SL Pedagogy Proposal]" finished its 12th edition, and a total of 111 participants passed. The course, which lasted three months, was taught by the tutors Marta Ascano, Andrea Machado and Montserrat Santana, and coordinated by Catalina Thölkeand Alejandra Catibiela through the AVE platform (Virtual Education Classroom) of the Ministry of Education and Culture in Uruguay (MEC).
Teachers, educators, officials and technicians from the education system of the National Administration of Public Education, several MEC non-formal education programs, INR (National Institute for Rehabilitationof the Uruguay Home Office) and INISA (Institute for Social Inclusion of Adolescentsof the Ministry of Social Development) participated in this course. The training grants teaching credits from the Education Training Council.


Closing of the series "Virtual Follow-up to Institutions" (AVI), developed by CLAYSS Uruguay

The goal of AVI is to follow-up educational institutions connected with CLAYSS Uruguay in the development of Service-Learning Projects, with a method according to the current health emergency. It also supports the institutions in their subscription to the "Concurso Educación Solidaria 2020 [Solidarity Education Contest 2020]", and strengthens existing networks and alliances, identifying those institutions working on SL projects and Solidarity Education in the country.
Forty monitoring teams in 4 online meetings, or four face-to-face meetings (in the case of Educators of the National Institute for Social Inclusion of Adolescents-INISA), and follow-ups of the planning of the project were arranged for the series, with approximately 30 participating public institutions of the National Administration of Public Education (ANEP). Kindergartens, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Technical Schools, Teacher-Training Institutes, Units forImprisoned people of INR (National Institute of Rehabilitation of the Uruguay Home Office), INISA and Social Organizations took part in it. The SL tutoring team included Silvia Alvarez, Gianella Canavessi, Yudith Ciancio, Noel Hernandez, Lucia Martinez, Victoria Obrusnik, Monica Ricamonte, Leticia Rocca, Victoria Rojas, Montserrat Santana and Elianne Vega, and the coordinators Marianela Fernandez, Alejandro Gimelli and Catalina Thölke.
The proposal was welcomed by the participants who valued the follow-up process to plan SL projects and exchange with other institutions.


Solidarity Education Contest 2020

On 16th November, the jury held the meeting for 8th editionof the "Solidarity Education Competition 2020" at the Ministry of Education and Culture.
The jury of the competition included Luisa Fernández, appointed by the Directorate of Education of MEC; Marianna Finno (CEIP), by ANEP; and Marianela López, by OEI Uruguay Office. All of them participated in person. María Amanda Aguiar, appointed by the Civil Association El Chajá, and Lucila Leis, by CLAYSS Uruguay, also joined them online. Marianela Fernandez and Catalina Thölkefrom CLAYSS Uruguay attended in person.
This edition of the competition involved 74 projects of educational institutions of all levels: kindergartens and schools from the Initial and Primary Education Council (CEIP), schoolsfrom the Secondary Education Council(CES), technical schools of the Professional Technical Education Council (CETP) and a Regional Teacher Center (CFE) from ANEP, CECAP Centers from MEC, Units for Imprisoned people of INR (National Institute of Rehabilitation of the Uruguay Home Office), Centers from the National Institute for Social Inclusion of Adolescents(INISA), Social Organizations, and a project of a University. These institutions represent 16 departments in the country.
To know the winners and special mentions, you can watch the video of the event here (in Spanish): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdyyLHV1tjg&fbclid=IwAR12n4XzzhTiK2FomMld-IA3tZxv1IorhDCdKxh8ooM8_7aLXcH-1EjwBAA