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Winners of First Regional Service-Learning Award 2020

The Award organized by CLAYSS and MIOS (Bosnia) received 45 experiences from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Romania, Serbia, and Slovakia.  On December 17, the winners were announced via Facebook Live.

Congratulations to the winners of Regional Service-Learning Award 2020!

3rd AWARD - Primary and Secondary school Zenit Prishtine, Kosovo „Cleaning a part of the riverbank of river "Llap„ and building seats, tables, and garbage bins“

2nd AWARD - Primary school Zemianska Olča Nitra, Slovakia „Staničkári“

1st AWARD - Middle School “Sava Popovici Barcianu” Sibiu, Romania „Sheepfolds in the Cândrel Mountains“

Thank you for your engagement and contribution to make teaching and learning better, interesting and meaningful for your students!

Ceremony and more information: https://fb.watch/35xOAjP9O1/