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The Argentine Service-Learning Network is being built

On March 30, the second meeting of the Argentine Service-Learning Network was held. In addition to CLAYSS, colleagues from Conciencia Foundation, Fundación Voz, Fundación América Solidaria [Serving the Americas Foundation], Scholas Occurrentes, SES Foundation and Association of Argentine Guides (AGA) participated in the meeting, as well as some other colleagues who participated on their own. We continue to know each other and develop possible joint workspaces to give greater visibility and strengthen service-learning nationally in all the areas where this pedagogy develops: schools of all levels, higher education institutions and civil society organizations. As agreed in the first meeting, we began to discuss what we want and what we do not want for this joint initiative, outlining this way the path to follow.
Those interested in joining the Network with their institution, please write to info@clayss.org.ar