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CLAYSS team continues to offer webinars and online conferences during pandemic times

Service-Learning continues—more than ever—as a source of inspiration and transformation. CLAYSS continues its participation in conferences, webinars and several events in virtual modality to go on providing support.

•    17/05. Professor Nieves Tapia, director of CLAYSS, participated in the panel "La Educación ambiental. Un espacio de innovación [Environmental Education. An innovation space]," to discuss SL in that aspect. Host: School of Political and Cultural Education "Raúl R. Alfonsín." The video of the meeting is available here [in Spanish]: https://www.facebook.com/107141894573148/videos/773875729918769.
•    20/05. "Desafíos de la enseñanza para los próximos años [Teaching Challenges for the Coming Years]." Lecture given by Professor Nieves Tapia and organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology-Government of Salta, Argentina. To watch the meeting, click here [in Spanish]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBs7nOQdUK8.
•    20/05. First online meeting of the Course "Educación Solidaria en tu Escuela. Propuestas de aprendizaje y servicio [Solidarity Education in your School. Proposals for service-learning]" organized by the General Directorate of Education of Mendoza and intended for private or state-run primary, secondary and special-education schools. Graciela del Campo and Belén Chaparro (CLAYSS) participated in the meeting.  To watch the meeting, click here [in Spanish]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPhLC0hWUgA&ab_channel=DGEMendoza.
•    26/05. "Café Científico [Science Café]" organized by the Red Ibero Americana Comunidades y Ciencias [Ibero American Network Communities and Sciences]. Topic: "APRENDIZAJE Y SERVICIO–La experiencia en CLAYSS Argentina [SERVICE-LEARNING–Experience in CLAYSS Argentina]." An event open to the entire scientific, academic and all those interested in participatory research. Luz Avruj and Alejandra Herrero, both from the CLAYSS team, participated in the meeting. To watch the meeting, click here [in Spanish]: https://www.youtube.com/user/UniversidadAntioquia.