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SOLIDARITY YOUTH: projects do not stop during the pandemic

This month we want to mention the project "Reducing food waste and reusing organic waste for biogas production" in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

The idea came up in 2019 when a group of students from the "Prof. Sebastiao De O. Rochade Sao Carlos" School, Sao Paulo, were learning robotics and the Python programming language thanks to the Meninas nasExatas programme. At the same time, the students were developing two projects of the science club at their school: JADes [together we will end up with waste] and InfoLaides–along with the EsColeta project, which implemented the responsible waste disposal of recyclable materials practices in schools. 
Both clubs wanted to develop apps that would help reduce food waste at school and collect/sell recyclable materials. Awareness-raising actions were carried out within their school community, along with data collection throughout food-waste analysis at their school, surveys, and presentations to the rest of the community to make progress towards a joint diagnosis. 
In 2020, they finally founded a new TESLA science club intended to develop a biodigester to be installed in their school to reuse leftovers and produce biogas and biofertilizers. They are currently, developing a prototype home biodigester with easily accessible materials that will be produced and installed in the community homes.

All about this project: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sebasti%C3%A3o-de-Oliveira-Rocha-Professor/369027843293229