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CLAYSS Uruguay was part of the launching of the First Tuscan Network for Service-Learning in Italy

On 15th May, professor Gianella Canavessi, CLAYSS Institutional Specialist in Uruguay and Principal of San Gregorio de Polanco school (Tacuarembó, Uruguay), took part in the online meeting of the First Tuscan Network for Service-Learning in Italy, "Tenuta Futura"CLAYSS Uruguay has been working with Italy in the twinset school programme, a line of action that entails a connection between institutions that carry out SL projects with common themes or problems. 
Students, teachers and principals of high schools in the Italian region were part of the meeting as they share and discuss ideas and experiences which could later be developed into service-learning projects. 
The conference was the launching point of the Network and confirmed the commitment of the present institutions to this pedagogy, which gives a new approach and meaning to the school organization, learning and education with the community. 
This time Professor Canavessi was invited to give a lecture on "É possibile istituzionalizzare una pedagogia Innovativa [It is possible to institutionalize an innovative pedagogy]." Canavessi shared the service-learning experience developed since 2017 by the institution she leads, where these new practices have been acquiring a strong institutionalization in the Educational Project.