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Solidarity youth: projects do not stop during the pandemic! 

Students from the SL course of the Catholic University of Chile create videos focused on facing the pandemic for girls and boys.

In our map of solidarity educational experiences during the pandemic, you can find the students' service-learning experiences and voluntary service that continued despite the COVID-19 restrictions or were developed to address the current situation. The map is interactive and updated by those willing to upload their experiences. 
This month, we highlight the experience of the students of the Course of Developmental Psychology I of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. During the second semester of 2020, 180 students of that course worked remotely with more than 100 pre-elementary and elementary school children from San Felipe and Los Andes communities in the region of Valparaíso, Chile. While young people were already visiting kindergartens and schools for their internships, the pandemic presented them with the challenge of doing other actions, virtually and with a goal that could go beyond the pre-established. Teachers adapted their curriculum contents to the context, resulting in the creation of resources and materials—videos—addressing problems that arose and/or grew from the health situation in their communities. The videos are interactive and tackle simply the care and self-care of children in the region where they were working. In turn, they developed other complementary materials referring to the contents of the curriculum, according to age. 
A great challenge to rethink service-learning, seen as an opportunity to come together, develop empathy, solidarity and digital content as well.
For more information on the project [in Spanish]: https://desarrollodocente.uc.cl/2021/05/13/estudiantesaprendizajeservicio/?fbclid=IwAR1t77yW_MyJDfo9MHMb00bEvH8SBgt_y3sY8T--6UR7gXERQs8da5myVtU